K&M Blossom Farm

We are an urban farm located in Phayao, Northern Thailand.  


Welcome To K&M Blossom Farm

We are a small urban farm located in Phayao, Northern Thailand.  We produce tropical fruit jams, keep bees and grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Our block is 1 rai (1/4 Hectare) which consists of our home, factory and urban farm. Within a 5km zone we are located near 2 shopping centers, government services, Lake Phayao, temples and many restaurants. 

Our Urban Farming Project

Blossom Farm focuses on organic farming methods with minimal environmental impact and sustainability. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMO crops. Drip irrigation is used to manage water usage. We cover our beds with weed plastic to reduce weed pressure as well as reducing the amount of evaporation because of hot weather and low humidity environment. 

 You can check out our latest urban farm update here. (Link to latest blog)


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When you buy through us, you’re supporting local businesses and farmers. You are helping to build local economies and improve urban farming through our ongoing project. We stake our reputation on ensuring you receive your order every single time.  

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