K&M Blossom Farm

Family Run Small Urban Farm located in Phayao, Northern Thailand. We sell Raw Honey, English Muffins, Tropcial Fruit Jams, Seeds and Cuttings

Welcome to K&M Blossom Farm

 My name is Matthew and my wife Khwan have a small urban farm located in Phayao, Northern Thailand. We produce tropical fruit jams, keep bees, make delicious english muffins and grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Urban Farming

Blossom Farm focuses on organic farming methods with minimal environmental impact and sustainability. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMO crops. We cover our beds with rice straw to reduce weed pressure as well as reducing the amount of evaporation because of hot weather and low humidity environment.

At Blossom Farm we make tropical fruit jams that are all fruit, using Jaggery sugar (a non refined brown sugar made in Thailand).

Our Jams contain no added chemical preservatives, refined sugars or additives. We aim to make a fruit jam that not only taste nice but is not too sweet. 

We keep Thai Native Bees on Blossom Farm in treatment free hives. These Bees pollinate our fruit, vegetables and flowering plants in the surrounding areas helping to boost the local ecology. 

Our bees provide honey once a year during summer up to the middle of wet season. The capped comb is harvested and is part of our Raw Honey with Comb. 

The seeds we sell are grown here on K&M Blossom Farm and pollinated by our bees. We harvest, cook or sell the vegetables or fruit we grow. Our range of seeds include flower and vegetable seeds.

We also have a range of cuttings including Mulberry and Lemon cuttings.