About K&M Blossom Farm

We are Khwan and Matthew and we have a small urban farm located in Phayao, Northern Thailand. We grow our own fruit and vegetables, keep bees and chickens and make delicious tropical fruit jams.  

What Are We Growing in May 2020

Butternut Pumpkins

We planted alot of butternut pumpkins this year due to their popularity and we miss the veggies we had back in Australia.

Green Lady Finger Okra

These are a great veggie to grow with lots of fruit and seeds. They provide fruit for 2-3 months continuosly. 


This flower is great for pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators. The flowers are a mix of white, orange, yellows, purple and reds. 

Eureka Lemon Trees

We have being taking cuttings of our Eureka lemon tree and growing additional lemon trees. Easy plant to grow and fruits for half the year. 

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Thai Native Bees

We keep thai native bees (Apis Cerana) bees, in treatment free hives. These bees bees are kept in single level hive boxes (with or without frames).  Very easy to keep they prefer as minimal interference as possible. 

Tropical Fruit Jams

We make tropical fruit jams from fruit sourced locally. We use jaggery instead of refined white sugar. Our fruit jams are all fruit and are artifical preservative and additive free. 

English Muffins

Our English Muffins are made fresh to order. This means we bake and ship the same day. We use quality ingredients and fresh produce from our farm. 

Seeds and Cuttings

The seeds, cuttings and fruit trees we sell are from plants grown on blossom farm.