Raw Wildflower Honey & Comb


Hardwood Bee Hive Boxes 


454, Moo 12

Tha Wong Thong, Muang, Phayao 56000 Thailand


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Native Bee Raw Wildflower Honey & Comb

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7 Frame Bee Hive Boxes


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Native Bee Raw Wildflower Honey and Comb


Our honey comes from Thai native bees (Apis Cerana) who traditionally have hives in the forests and mountains in Thailand. These bees build hives under the lids of the hive boxes. The generally do not use frames as and will build around them unless the comb is attached. The honey is bright color and has a strong taste of wildflowers. It is generally used to cure cold ailments such as sore throats due to the antibacterial nature of the honey.

No chemical treatments or pesticides are used on the bees. They have build natural defenses to mites and invasive insects that a lot of domesticated bees do not have.

Hardwood Bee Hive Boxes

Sturdy hardwood bee hive boxes that can hold upto 7 frames. Enough space for a native Thai hive. 

Your first hive will form a nest without the need of frames. They will generally build the comb from shortest width directly infront of the entrance.  These boxes are sturdy and can hold the weight of the comb. The aged timber is joined together to ensure a strong box that isnt too heavy. 

After harvesting your first hive, you can use racks to installed the save comb to ensure the hive stays with the box.  There is enough space for 7 frames.

In this video you can see the bees jumping in and out of the entrance to the hive.