Our Organic Seeds Collection

 The collection started in October 2018 when we decided that we wanted to be self sufficient.  As our urban farm plant population increases we will add more seeds s they become available.  

Our Organic cuttings

We currently have on Mulberry trees. We aim to have more fruit trees as we expand or find new plants. We will add them to this space. 

Blossom Farm Bantam Chickens For Sale

Our Bantam chickens make great pets, are happy little chickens who spend most of their time scratching, clucking and singing. We raise our animals on all natural diet. Our bantams free range in our garden during the day and are placed to bed at night. We have roughly 70 chickens of different sizes, ages and colours.

 Like all animals, Bantam Chickens will require some maintenance, cleaning their sleeping place, regular feeding and looking after them if they get sick. Bantams can be fussy at first, but once they get to know you, they would come to you for food, they will sing and play around you. They learn where their safe places are and will learn where to roost at night.

Hens start laying around 10-12 months of age. If you want chicks, pick a rooster and a hen. Remember that roosters do sing early in the mornings. Mine wake me up every morning at 5.30am. Some of our customers have purchased pairs from us already and have chicks.

If the rooster is mature enough, you see him mating with the hen. If she fights with the rooster, it is a good sign that he isnt old enough to mate yet. 


What We Currently Have In Our Aviary For Sale

Japanese Speckled Bantams

Our speckles are full of life and very fiesty. The alpha rooster in our flock is a large medium leg speckle rooster. They generally have a beautiful mix of black and white feathers. This is the same with the hens.

For sale 200 – 300 Baht per bantam.

Japanese white Bantams

This year we have had few white roosters and hens reach maturing. Their personality is very mild, some have learned to crow and are beginning their first malt. 

For sale 400-500 Baht per bantam (sorry they’re my favourite and look wonderful running around the gardens).

Due to unique shipping arrangements, we cannot add our bantams to our shop. If you’re interested please contact us on the for below. We can quote shipping once we know the destination. Chickens have a special delivery service that care for the animals while in transit and the shipping price changes weekly. We do our best on our end to ensure they leave with enough food and are in good health.


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