English Muffins – 6 pack


English Muffins 6 pack made by K&M Blossom Farm. We love cooking and we always try to make our own food as western food is expensive in Thailand. English muffins are great for a quick breakfast when you’re busy. Two minutes on medium heat in the toaster and they’re done! They go great with our tropical fruit jam selection or wildflower honey!

English muffins 6 pack made by K&M Blossom Farm. They are handmade, fresh to order with high-quality ingredients with no added preservatives.

They go great with eggs benedict, our honey or jams and really brighten up any western breakfast in Thailand!

We started making English Muffins as we couldn't get any real breakfast bread in Phayao. They last a week on the shelf and longer in the fridge. They also can be frozen or placed into a vacuum-sealed bag.

You cut them in half and toast them in the toaster or under a grill till nicely toasted or to your liking, light and crisp! Then add your favorite topping! (I have it with Mango passion fruit jam)

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Weight 350 g


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Gently toasted english muffins with some tropical fruit jam. We make these fresh on demand. I also have these for breakfast, especially when I don’t have time to cook. 2 minutes in the toaster on medium and they’re done.


Shelf life: We keep them refrigerated and last for 2 weeks. On the shelf in Thailand no longer then a week.

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