K&M Blossom Farm English Muffins – 6 pack


As of the 2nd of September, we are unable to ship English muffins to the south of Thailand due to shipping delays with both Best Express and Kerry Express. Shipping to Bangkok, East and North is fine. 

  • 6 Pack of handmade English Muffins
  • From farm to table – minimal handling
  • Baked using quality and fresh produce
  • Baked and shipped the same day
  • Tastes great toasted or as a sandwich with eggs, salad, cheese and ham or sausages, raw honey or our tropical fruit jams!
  • Low sugar

Due to COVID19 Lockdowns and curfews, we are unable to ship English Muffins to parts of Thailand. Please message us on Facebook or email us if you wish to order.

Our English Muffins are handmade, using quality ingredients and fresh produce from the farm to your table!

Straight from Farm to Table

Minimal handling, we bake and ship the same day. This means you receive delicious muffins in the shortest period as possible. 

Baked Using Fresh and Quality Ingredients

We use fresh and quality ingredients in each batch. Farm fresh eggs from Blossom Farm are used in every batch.  

Tastes Great with Our Tropical Fruit Jams!

Either toasted or fresh, our English Muffins taste delicious with our range of tropical fruit jams or Raw Honey.

Gently toasted english muffins with some tropical fruit jam. We have these for breakfast, especially when we don’t have time to cook. 2 minutes in the toaster on medium and they’re done.

Using only fresh ingredients and eggs from Blossom Farm we bake and ship to ensure you receive the freshest muffins possible. We ship all over Thailand using Kerry Express.

English muffins 6 pack made by K&M Blossom Farm. They are handmade, fresh to order using quality ingredients and fresh produce.

They go great with eggs benedict, our honey or jams and really brighten up any western breakfast in Thailand!

We started making English Muffins as we couldn't find any real western breakfast bread in Phayao. They last a week on the shelf and longer in the fridge. They also can be frozen or placed into a vacuum-sealed bag.

You cut them in half and toast them in the toaster or under a grill till nicely toasted or to your liking, light and crisp! Then add your favorite topping!

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Weight 600 g


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