Native Bee Wildflower Honey 350ml (No Comb)


This is our Thai Native Bee Organic Raw WildFlower Honey only. Thai native bees (Apis Cerana) are forest bees, kept without chemical treatments, help boost the local ecology and our urban farm’s plant pollination. Great for fighting off colds, sore throats, tastes great by itself or on toast, yogurt, in a cup of coffee/tea.

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Weight 675 g


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This is our native wildi thai bee (Apis Cerana) honey and comb. Native Thai bees are nomadic in nature and form hives in trees in urban or forest areas. They range in size from very large (and dangerous) to tiny sized bees.

Wild thai bee is smaller than standard farm bees. They fly faster and are more agile allowing a hive to better manage invasive pests without the need for pesticide treatments.

We chose native bees for our urban farm because we believe in organic farming Methods. We do not use pesticide treatments on our colonies. The best way to feed our bees is to provide enough flowering plants so that they can survive and become strong. On both sides of our property we have large fields of flowering wildflowers.

Wild bees not only provide honey for our urban farm, they improve germination of our fruit, vegetables and flowering plants. We collect and sell these seeds on our produce site here. As we expand the number of garden beds, we rely more on our bees to ensure germination takes place.