Purple Cockscomb Seeds


Purple Cockscomb seeds. Organically grown on Blossom Farm – No chemical fertiliser or pesticides used.


This purple cockscomb is roughly 2 years old and has flowered 4 times now. We have pruned it twice and each time it has grown back new leaves and flowers. It attracts so many different pollinators which helps germinate our pumpkin and water melon patch.

Purple cockscomb is hands down my most favourite flowering shrub since I’ve moved to thailand. It’s hardy, grows fast and has beautiful bright pink flowering spears that can grow upto 30cm or more. They produce alot of seed and can spread quickly in open dirt areas. What’s great about this plant is it attracts pollinators to your garden.

It’s easy to grow and generally there is two methods to ensure results. The first method is spreading the seeds in an open area of dirt near where you want it to grow. The second and more effective method is seedling trays.

If you choose to use a seedling tray, I recommend using potting mix (the 20 baht bags sold in most plant stores. This ensures no wild seeds will grow in your tray pots. Sprinkle 4-5 seeds per tray pot and place a ½ inch layer of potting mix ontop of the seeds.

When the seeds sprout, they’re very tiny and hard to see. Keep them out of direct sunlight after 10am till they get their first leaves. In roughly 2 weeks, they will have their second set of leaves and will be ready to transplant, either into the ground or into pots.

If you plant them in the ground, protect the area from pests or animals as seedlings will get eaten. Our chickens love them and once they find out where they are, it generally results in a total loss for that garden bed.

After 3 months and left on their own, the trunk of the plant will start to enlarge causing the plant to lean to one side so you may need to attach it to a bamboo steak. Bigger plants have more flowers. If you find you plant is getting too tall you can always cut the head off and it will develop sprouts on both sides.

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