Red Thai Mulberry Cuttings


Red Thai Mulberry cuttings – 10 baht each – Taken from trees grown in Blossom Farm. No chemical fertilisers or pesticides used.

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I have always wanted to grow mulberry trees. I think ti was the fascination of making mulberry pie like my parents used to make. I have fond memories of climbing my neighbours mulberry tree and collecting all the silkworm pods.  

We have had these red thai mulberry trees for years. They first started in a pot while we were renting an apartment. They have followed us everywhere till we finally planted them next to our house. This years fruit we got nearly 5kg from 6 small trees.

The cuttings from these trees take root rather quickly. What we generally do it place some potting mix in a black plastic plant bag and place a few sticks in. You could even cuts some branches and place them straight into the ground.

Since they have been taken from a tree that is bearing fruit, the cuttings can bear fruit the same year without waiting. We sell these cuttings with a small amount of soil on the base. Due to the size of the cuttings we use an A size box with overnight delivery through kerry express. This ensures that the cuttings are not damaged due to lack of sunlight or water.

The best thing about these trees is they make great privacy screens. They generally need a good pruning every year or two to ensure you get a good amount of fruit.

In Phayao, mulberries are used in a lot of different foods including jams, alcohol, desserts or salads.

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