Sturdy Affordable Hardwood Hive Boxes


Aged wood hive boxes for Thai bees. The front has an adjustable flap and lock latch for easy transportation. It can hold upto 7 frames. Its lightweight and has two parallel feet so it can lock into a stand.


Affordable Hardwood Bee Hives

These are sturdy hive boxes that can hold upto 7 frames. The lid is removable for immediate access to the frames. They are unpainted and made from aged timber. The entrance is covered with a flap for easy transport and movement.

The dimensions of this box is: 560mm (L) x 325mm (W) x 315mm (H)

Two parallel pieces at the bottom of the hive to fit into metal stands. We can ship nationwide. We can personally deliver larger box orders in Phayao, Lampang, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nan. Contact us to determine deliver costs.

Checkout or wood frames here, they contain the metal wire required to hold harvest honeycomb and brood comb.

Additional information

Dimensions 56 × 32.5 × 31.5 cm


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